Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing is an SEO & marketing technique that seeks to manage the popularity of a company on the Internet. Also, it is a powerful SEO tool that allows getting high-quality crowd backlinks.
In this article, we will tell you what crowd marketing is, how it works, what tasks it solves, and how to launch a crowd marketing campaign. Stay Tuned!

Crowd Marketing: The best SEO & marketing technique of 2022

Crowd marketing is a modern SEO & marketing technique used for managing the brand image of a company by posting recommendations and reviews on the platforms where your target audience is. Also, it is a powerful SEO tool as it allows getting natural-looking quality backlinks.

This technology involves the use of reviews on all kinds of discussion platforms. It is recommended (not required), to add a link to the promoted website. For crowd marketing, we can use the following platforms:
blog comments;Q/A platforms;Forums;Social media networksetc.

How can crowd marketing help your business?

The main goals of crowd marketing:
Boost brand awareness;Increase the referral traffic and conversion;Build quality backlinks;
Crowd marketing is not about reviews only, but about creating demand and attracting a new audience. It is also used for promoting new products, that are unknown to the target audience. Crowd marketing can be considered as a help to your target audience in finding you.

The main pros of launching a crowd marketing campaign.

Targeted traffic to your site. Through natural discussion and mentions of your brand, you get an interested audience on your website. In addition, real and detailed reviews or recommendations increase the loyalty of the existing customers.Positive reputation of the company. With a competent approach, crowd marketing will certainly create a positive image of the brand and its products. Reviews and recommendations on forums and in social networks increase customer trust, warm up the desire to buy or order a product.Clearly, it is essential to match the "sculpted" image, otherwise crowd marketing may bring a negative effect.
Promotion of individual pages of a product, service or promotion. With the help of crowd marketing, you can target specific pages of your site.It is one of the cheapest ways to test the target audience's interest in a product.
Reducing the risk of penalty from search engines. Today, search engines can penalize websites for the use of link building. One of the best ways to mitigate these risks is by getting natural backlinks from blogs, forums, and Q/A platforms. Crowd marketing is an effective link-building tool that you really need.Unobtrusive advertisingThe modern user is tired of annoying suggestions like "follow the link". The solution lies in connecting with your target audience and promoting your products in an unobtrusive way. Through reviews, recommendations, and helpful replies, you can connect with your leads and turn them into loyal customers.

How to launch a crowd marketing campaign?

The first step is to identify your goals. If you want to use it for marketing purposes, then we recommend choosing popular platforms, like Quora, Reddit, etc.
If you need quality backlinks, then you should focus on forum marketing. Also, you may post on various blogs.
Check out this full guide on how to pick up the forums for crowd marketing. You will have to analyze both: SEO and marketing metrics.
Each reply must be unique and answer the question. Copy-paste does not work in crowd marketing. Also, it is important to speak the language of the platform audience.
The link you attach to your comment has to be inserted naturally. Sometimes, you may even mention why you've decided to attach the link.
Never use the CTA technique - a call to action. Remember, crowd marketing is not contextual advertising.
The motivation to click on the site should flow from the logic of the text.
Get used to the fact that you are not the only one who uses crowd marketing. Your competitors are also fighting for customers, and they may even try to damage your brand image.

It is equally important to apply crowd marketing on a regular, systematic, and consistent basis. Therefore, a clear plan should be drawn up first.

Crowd Marketing from CrowdMark

CrowdMark Crowd Marketing Agency can help you apply this powerful technique to its best. Our marketers will analyze your business niche, select the best platforms for posting and draw up a marketing campaign plan.
Crowd marketing can be a temporary measure or a permanent tool to manage your company's reputation and build quality backlinks. In the latter case, our specialists will constantly analyze public opinion about your brand for further work with you.
With us, you will save time and attract new customers or site visitors, promote your resource, avoid penalties from search engines, get higher rankings, and make your brand popular.